Turtletoken (TRTK) Mining

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Turtletoken (TRTK) Mining Cloud Mining

How It Work?


TRTK is a WAVES token

TRTK mine with our platform

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You will get 100 TRTK free every day.

You will get 100 TRTK for free every day. Also with our platform you can buy more power to get more TRTK paying with Dogecoin. We believe that this is the best way for our users to get rewards easily and easily.

What is TRTK and why collect?

Turtletoken is an improved token, created within the Waves platform and that uses the new blockchain technology to send and receive payments safely, with the development of our payment platform, we will innovate and improve the way you pay with a token with just one click.

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Buy more mining power from the TRTK token by paying with Dogecoin and increasing the power you can earn much more TRTK.

About Turtletoken (TRTK) Mining

With our official mining platform you will increase the rewards of TRTK token.

Turtletoken is unique, special and everyone likes it, it is a friendly token for everyone and everyone has the right to have, buy and donate Turtletoken. The objective of Turtletoken is to share with the whole community a great project with an ascending growth, within this project great professionals work every day and thus be able to fulfill all our objectives.

Turtletoken Contract Data WAVES

Issuer: 3P2zpzKVCR89F1NCxzAndqPXNeTeLPknHeq
ID: GqgeUWK6XXq5wQnw5YDNBQVJST7hoAjDhDanQgGsng8E
Name: TRTK
Total amount: 19,999,999,995 TRTK
Decimal points: 8 Type: Not reissuable


Frequently Asking Question’s

With TRTK Mining you will get 100 TRTK free every day. These TRTKs will be added every 24 hours in your balance. If you want to earn many more TRTKs, you can buy mining power with Dogecoin and collect triple the amount of TRTK.
Minimum Withdraw: 5000 TRTK
The withdrawal is processed within a maximum period of 24 hours for security.